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Trial environment are great for trying out new functionality.


There are different ways to set up a trial. Take a look under Microsoft Resources on this page and there is a link to MS Docs where you can read about the different ways to take out a trial, e.g. you can create a trial environment within your existing tenant or you can choose to create a completely new trial tenant.

If you want to create a new trial tenant with a trial environment that includes Dynamics 365 apps, navigate to, choose a Dynamics app, fill in your e-mail address and phone number, wait for your trial environment to be created. There are community content describing this process, have a look under Community Resources.

Power Apps Community Plan

There is an alternative to creating a trial environment. As trial environments are great for e.g. a PoC (Proof of Concept) for a customer it might be exhausting to create a new trial every time you want to explore new features by yourself. There is a FREE "plan" to your rescue!


As an alternative to creating a trial, if you just want a place where you can explore and learn, sign up for a Power Apps Community Plan. Then you will get a free individual environment for personal use. It cannot be shared which anyone else but you will be able to try out new functionality yourself.

Microsoft Resources

Community Resources