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This page contains a list of FREE tools which will help on your Power Platform journey.

Tools from the Community

  • LevelUp is an extension to the browser with helpful tools for add admins and makers who are sharp and knows exactly what they are doing. Developed and maintained by Natraj Yegnaraman.
  • XrmToolBox is a toolbox which saw it's first day of light during the days of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It gathers all kinds of helpful tools for admins, makers and developers.
  • CRM Snapshot is a solution which can be used with Dynamics 365, Customer Engagement apps. Create backups of your data, recover deleted records and create copies of existing records. Good to know is that this tool creates duplicates of your data and fields such as Created on will get another date. Before you had to enable auditing in order to use this but nowadays they use a plugin instead so no need for that.
  • Organization Settings Editor There are over 90 organization settings but there is no UI to modify those. However, there is a tool for that. Go to GitHub and you will be provided with a solution which you can import. Examples of those settings are: Increase the number of rows to export to Excel, modify how many BPF you can have per entity from 10 to maximun 100, change how many grids that are allowed on the form.
  • Storage Analyzer This tool will help you analyze your storage and with their own words “Identify what entities which overburden your system.“
  • Ultimate Workflow Toolkit is a set of Custom Workflows to be used. Developed and maintained by Andrew Butenko.
  • Ribbon Workbench - Allowing you to edit the Model-Driven Command Bar since 2011

Tools from Microsoft

There are some tools included in the SDK.

  • Data Migration Manager for migrating data between environments. An alternative is to use the Shuffle tools, available as add-on to XrmToolBox.


  • PCF Gallery is a place where you can go and get inspired by all the PCF controls the Community has built. Created and maintained by Guido Preite.