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This is a list of community content which has been featured on Power Wiki.

Today we want to highlight someone who continues to write helpful and interesting blog posts, most often related to Power Apps, Dynamics 365 or Power Automate. It is Priyesh Wagh and his blog D365 Demystified.
Priyesh Wagh also has a YouTube channel, check it out and don't forget to give him a follow!
Here's how you can connect with Priyeah Wash on Twitter.
Keep up the good work Priyesh, we apprechiate it!
If you are a professional developer working in Power Platform related projects and you have not yet heard of Tae Rim Han, then you are missing out! Tae has a blog where she documents her findings from exploring and experimenting with all things Power Platform and Azure related. One recurring ingredient in her work of art is the Power Apps Component Framework, but she has also written about Adaptive Cards, Azure API Management and ALM. What we really like with Tae's articles is that one can tell that there is a lot of work behind each and every one of them, always lots of details and How-To explanations. We also adore the graphics, always featured pictures which are well thought through and fit the articles perfectly.
You can find Tae on Twitter: @taerimhan on LinkedIn: in/taerimhan/ and here is her blog:
Tae attended the Scottish Summit 2021 as a speaker. If you missed her session, don't worry, you will find it here: Tae Rim Han - Build Powerful Apps using Microsoft Graph
We are looking forward to your future articles and presentations Tae! ✨
(Picture from Tae's blog)
Today we would like to highlight someone who has done an impressive work documenting his experience from trying out different XrmToolBox tools (and other tools as well). Take a look at this page on Linn Zaw Win's blog Linn's Power Platform Notebook and you will be amazed by his work! Not only is there a list of LOTS of useful tools, there are links to articles in which Linn describe how the tools work. While you are on this page - whatever you do don't miss the wonderful quote by no other than Power Wiki's Jonas Rapp!
"If you are not working with XrmToolBox, you are just working too hard." – Jonas Rapp, 2016" 🤩
Well done documenting the tools Linn, this is such a 😎 place to visit when you want to get a quick start for how different tools work or just inspiration for what you can do to improve the "you are just working too hard" part!
(Picture from Linn's Tool page)
Hardit Bhatia is currently doing a Power Apps (Canvas apps) series of articles where he uses a 😎 concept.
A-Z: 26 tips! Learn how to improve your Power Apps!.
One article each day representing the letters of the alphabet.
We really like this concept Hardit Bhatia, it's an awesome way of improving our Canvas apps skills!
First out to be featured on Power Wiki is Carl Cookson and his XrmToolBox tools. Carl Cookson is always good at upliftning others with a #FeelGoodFriday tag on Twitter. It is time for Carl Cookson to be highlighted!
Keep up the good work Carl Cookson!